If you are like me, I knew everything back in my twenties but the truth is, the older I get the more I learn, the more I realize how much I really don’t know. When you think you know it all you become un-teachable. Once you become un-teachable, you will stop growing and improving. Don’t let a little knowledge keep you from learning more. Stay humble and realize you always have room to grow. To reach your potential you must remain teachable. Be disciplined in continuing to learn something new every time you engage in using your gifts and talents, your work, and your relationships. As you do you will experience 4 benefits:

You Will Move to a Higher Level of Living

Regardless of how much you have grown and developed in your life, there is more. As long as you have a pulse, there is more living for you to achieve. This is not an exhausting exercise in futility thinking that you need to set a new record of success. This is so much more. This is about living life at a higher level every day through learning, growing and understanding.

Your Potential Will Continue to Expand and Grow

Potential is so incredible because the more you grow and learn, the more your potential expands. Your potential today is limited only by your lack of knowledge and growth. The truth is that as you commit to being a lifetime learner, your potential becomes limitless!

You Will Maximize the Potential of Your Gifts and Talents

Living life maximum capability is not achieved by using up your gifts and talents, rather it is achieved when you release and expand them. Others who have gone before you in your area of expertise have expanded them, now you get to build on their knowledge and expand them even further for your life and the next generation.

You Will Achieve More than You Ever Asked or Imagined

Expectations, dreams and visions pave the way to your future. Don’t make the mistake of setting them too low or making them easily achievable. Whatever potential you think and believe you have today, there is more!

As you remain committed to remaining teachable and to continual growth, you will enjoy these 4 benefits throughout your life.